About Us

Welcome to Dear Abigaêl, 

A love letter to your colourful heart.

Abigaêl Whittaker is an artist and designer who grew up fossicking in markets and bazaars throughout Asia for trinkets and wares for her parents luscious one-of-a-kind jewellery designs. 

Colour, wonder and the magic of heirloom is in her blood. Dear Abigaêl pays homage to her family folklore incorporating clothing, jewellery & accessories through a kaleidoscopic lens.

We make clothing that makes you feel the magic of your own fabulous. Disheartened by the old, sad ways of advertising that make us buy more and feel worse, Dear Abigaêl is dedicated to colouring outside of the lines wherever possible.

All Dear Abigaêl designs are just one size per style to ensure limited runs, less waste, fewer returns, and a commitment to style rather than size. We believe that a garment either works for you or it doesn't and so wanted to eliminate any shitty outdated beauty standards from interfering with us feeling wonderful.

Dedicated to a sustainable future and a happy, peaceful planet, we source vintage, recycled, organic and deadstock fabrics from all the deliciously colourful corners of the globe. 

We celebrate you in all your glory. Our rainbow tribe is a big, loud, colourful dance party. Wear it your way.

kaleidoscope of wardrobe wears that celebrate your body and promise to make you feel happy & beautiful.

Come with us on a magic carpet ride.