Flower Pot Mama Hat - Honeycomb

Flower Pot Mama Hat - Honeycomb

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The most adorable little patchwork cotton hat is here! Durable, soft and beautiful. Perfect for days in the sunshine! This one is adults size.

Made from patchwork workroom cuttings and up-cycled scrap fabrics with kantha stitch embroidery details.

100% Khadi Cotton, Made in India with our partners in Kolkata who are passionate about supporting traditional weaving techniques. 

All Dear Abigaêl garments & accessories are made with comfort & fabulousness in mind. Any inconsistencies in the fabric, embroidery or design is considered an integral part of handmade magic.

Adults One Size

Measurements ~

Head Circumference 58cm/23inches

Brim Width 11cm/4.5inches